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Your brand is unique.

Shouldn't your swag be too? We help you promote your brand creatively. Whether you have an idea...or need our creative expertise, we'll create a memorable brand campaign. We'll find the perfect products through our supplier partners and then kit it all together to deliver a product your customers or employees will go nuts over!

Looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas? Metrographics is your one-stop shop for promotional products, print items, apparel and achievement and business gifts. Let me, the {swag queen} go to work for you!

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    4 Products to Help Save the Rainforests

    Did you know that a new animal species is discovered in the Amazon Rainforest every two days? From pink dolphins to black caimans to jaguars and tiny frogs, the rainforest is home to some of the world...

  • Oh My Gourd! 5 Drinkware Products to FALL For!

    Oh My Gourd! 5 Drinkware Products to FALL For!

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  • Case Study: Inking Impressions

    Case Study: Inking Impressions

    Portability and permanence are among the desirable traits sought in an effective promotional product. A company was looking for a unique self-promotion that incorporated these elements and decided on ...

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